New exhibition of royal souvenirs and memories

Wednesday, 25 April 2012 8:46 AM

The exhibition for the Diamond Jubilee will be a collection of publicly donated souvenirs and memories

The exhibition for the Diamond Jubilee will be a collection of publicly donated souvenirs and memories

A portrait of the Queen made out of balloons, 100 royal teapots and a silver jubilee fizzy drink labelled ‘Jubilade’ are all going on display as part of an exhibition of Royal souvenirs and memories, being held in Battersea Park’s Pump House Gallery for the Thames Diamond Jubilee Festival.

The collection of souvenirs and memories, which has been donated entirely by the British public, will be open for public viewing in The Pump House Gallery from June 3rd to 24th.

The exhibition is part of an ongoing project by artist-curator Josh Knowles, looking at popular culture, mass production and souvenirs.

As well as viewing souvenirs there will also be a chance for visitors to make their own; on June 3rd a special production line will be in place to make classic gifts 'while you wait', including commemorative tea towels, t-shirts, mugs and plates. 

A photographic studio will also be available for families to have a traditional photo portrait of the occasion. The gallery will contain an interactive memory wall for people to leave photos and comments of the special day, and a video log of interviews and voxpops, from visitors to the show.

Josh Knowles, artist and curator of the event, added: “This is about social history created for the public by the public. The exhibition is about people’s personal memories or experiences of the Royal Family - it’s not only a celebration of the Diamond Jubilee, but also the lives and voices of the British public. It promises to be a very special event.”

The exhibition’s organisers are currently looking for more public donations with a Royal connection. If you have anything you would like to lend to the Jubilee Souvenir Exhibition, or have a story about The Royal Family you would like to share, you can email 

There will also be a drop-in day at the Pumphouse Gallery on April 28th – people are invited to bring their souvenirs and stories to be catalogued and enjoy tea, sandwiches and live music. 

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