Keycamp holidays in Croatia

Croatia, situated along the Istrian peninsula by the sea, is fast becoming tourist hotspot, with visitors flocking in their thousands.

A Keycamp holiday in Croatia gives you the chance to discover the real Croatia - a land rich in history, culture and adventure.

With hundreds of miles of fine sandy beaches and islands of immense natural beauty surrounded by the glistening waters of the Adriatic Sea you'll be longing to return to this splendid country.

A Keycamp holiday in Croatia provides the ideal base to explore the stunning coastline of unspoilt beaches, islands and many vibrant cultures, while venturing inland brings a sense of the real Croatia and explore old sleepy villages, mountains and lakes of the National Parks in the area.

Keycamp accommodation in Croatia comprises mainly villas and are situated in the Porec region, where you will find strong Italian influences in the wonderful architecture of the place and local cuisine.

There are numerous bustling harbours and Venetian-style ports where there is a fantastic selection of fine dining and late night entertainment.

On camp you will find there are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy including three swimming pools so the kids are always busy. Keycamp holiday in Croatia