See the ancient Lascaux Caves with a holiday in the Dordogne

Wednesday, 13 April 2011 11:00 PM

See the ancient Lascaux Caves with a holiday in the Dordogne

See the ancient Lascaux Caves with a holiday in the Dordogne

France is one of the most culturally rich countries in Europe and continues to be a popular choice among British holidaymakers - but to make the most of a trip there, why not consider self-catering holidays in France located in the Dordogne to see the Lascaux Caves?

Hiring a self-catering cottage makes for a laidback holiday itinerary that can be tailored to fit in with new plans and also allows people to enjoy their own private space on a break.

Such properties are great for many different types of holidays, with those sleeping just two a good choice for a romantic getaway and others boasting a number of bedrooms, as well as outdoor eating areas and a pool brilliant for larger parties.

In France, holiday houses in the Dordogne are among the most popular with British travellers and it is no surprise - the region is rich in history, boasts stunning scenery and great food, and is also home to the must-see UNESCO World Heritage Site the Lascaux Caves.

The amazing cave complex, which is thought to be some 17,000 years old, is beautifully adorned with ancient prehistoric drawings and paintings and is an absolute must-visit when in the area.

Many of the wall paintings in the caves show images of some of the animals that lived in the region at the time and several have been restored to their original glory.

Some 2,000 amazing paintings and drawings cover the walls of the caves, with a number of images etched into the rock. One of the most famous sections of the cave complex is the area dubbed the Great Hall of the Bulls, rich in depictions of bulls, stags, horses and other powerful creatures.

The caves are easily accessed on a holiday to the Dordogne region of France and can be found near to the settlement of Montignac, on the Vezere River. The Vezere valley is both beautifully scenic and historically rich and is a great place for self-catering holidays in France.

You can see a number of noteworthy sights and interesting towns in the Dordogne region, such as Bergerac and the medieval town of Sarlat, which has a beautiful cathedral.