Why You Should Consider a Caravan For Your Holidays

Thursday, 7 October 2010 12:00 AM

Over the last few years, many more families have chosen to have their holiday in Britain. And there are two main reasons for this...

1. Our country's economic problems have had a major impact on just about everyone. Many of us have had to dramatically reduce our outgoings in whatever ways we can. Going away on an overseas holiday can be a pretty expensive business and having a break in England makes perfect sense.

2. Flying out to other countries is becoming more and more difficult all the time. Greater restrictions on luggage, higher levels of security, increased air fares and the fear of terrorism are all major factors to consider. It is easy to see why so many families are not bothering to fly at all.

But staying in Britain for your holiday isn't settling for second best. We have a tendency to forget just how many great places there are to visit within our own country! Devon, Cornwall, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and The Lake District are just a few of Britain's wonderful locations. Each of these has its own style of beauty along with plenty of sights and activities.

Another worthwhile consideration is a caravan. People have always used these for their holidays and it is easy to see why...

An Investment

Caravans are a great investment. Obviously, you will have the initial cost to consider, but they will quickly pay for themselves. Just think how much money you will save every time you go away!

Apart from the odd new tyre or bulb for one of the lights, a caravan will require a minimal amount of maintenance.

Some people will even rent out their caravans when they are not being used. The idea of renting out your caravan will not appeal to everyone, but it can be a great way of making some extra money.

An Economical Option

Most hotels are pretty expensive, whilst bed and breakfast is no longer a 'cheap and cheerful' option. Caravans are by far the most economical option when it comes to going away.

There are only three factors to consider when you are having a caravan holiday; fuel, ground rent and insurance. The amount of fuel that you use will obviously depend on how far you are travelling and if money is tight you can always stay closer to home.

Most camp sites will charge a minimal fee for rent, whilst caravan insurance is far less expensive than you would think! Obviously, you will want to keep your second home safe, but this will not cost you an arm and a leg.

More Freedom to Move

Once you have a caravan of your own, holidays can happen at the drop of a hat; you can go wherever you please because there will be nothing to tie you down! There are hundreds of camp sites all across the country and where you choose to stay will be entirely down to you.

Many people find caravans a far more enjoyable experience than a hotel or bed and breakfast. You do not have to be back at a certain time for your evening meal and you can have a lie-in any time you like!