Enjoy tailor-made outdoor adventure with a tailormade holiday to Queenstown

Tuesday, 16 March 2010 12:00 AM

There are few places in the world more perfectly suited to an outdoor holiday than New Zealand - from the spectacular glaciers which can be found in its national parks, to vast and beautiful landscapes, it is truly a paradise for outdoors fans.

And while there are many places in New Zealand to head to on a thrill-filled adventure break, Queenstown is certainly one of the best and most well known.

Queenstown can be found on the picturesque shores of Laka Wakatipu and offers all types of outdoor fun, from winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, to kayaking and sailing on its beautiful lakes.

Taking a trip down under is certainly a long way for Brits to travel in search of the perfect outdoor break, but to ensure that every single moment lives up to their expectation, researching tailor-made holidays in New Zealand is certainly advisable.

Booking a tailormade holiday to the country from is the only way in which Brits can have complete control over each part of their trip - leaving them with as much time as they want to enjoy all the thrilling activities that New Zealand has to offer.

Those seeking a real daredevil experience on a holiday need look no further than Queenstown - which offers all sorts of things to get the heart pumping, from canyon swinging to whitewater rafting and skydiving.

There are also a number of bridges in Queenstown which offer bungy jumping - so Brits seeking a chance to see New Zealand from a different angle really can - by seeing it upside down on the end of a rope.

Why not jump off the Kawarau Bridge, home of the bungy jump and where the world's first bungy jump took place. The bridge is 43 metres above the Kawarau River and should Brits fancy it, they can choose to be fully immersed in the water as part of their jump.

For those looking for a more sedate way to spend the time on an adventure break to New Zealand, Queenstown offers golfing, mountain biking and walking in the impressive mountains and hills which surround it.