Student and Gap Year Holidays

There are plenty of companies offering gap years to worldwide destinations from the Far East to South America and round the world trips. Whether you're looking for a gap year between studies or a career break from a few weeks to months, you'll find there's hundreds of possibilities, from learning Spanish in Ecuador to conservation volunteering in South Africa. Browse our Travel Partners below and find out more about booking student and gap year holidays.

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Gap year travel in the US

Gap year travel has become one of the most popular ways for young people to take time out - whether it be after university before the hunt for a job begins, or in between education to add all-important communication and people skills to their CV.

Work and travel on a paid gap year

Work around the world on a paid gap year

The thought of taking some time out to travel is a thrilling one but as the cost of flights, accommodation and other expenses can soon add up, it is important to consider how it all will be funded. Of course, you'll probably have some money already saved up, but it is a good idea to work for at least a portion of your globetrotting expedition.

5 most popular destinations for gap year jobs

Working abroad can help to fund your gap year

Spending some - if not all - of a gap year working is a great way for you to really get under the skin of the country you are visiting. Not only will you be earning a wage, but you can meet fellow travellers, interact with locals and improve your CV.

Helpful hints and tips for working abroad

Take on paid work during your gap year

Spending part - or even all - of your gap year travels working is not only a great way to earn some extra cash, but to meet new people. However, whether you're intending to go on working holidays or are hoping to pick up casual work in several countries during your globetrotting adventures, there are a range of factors you ought to consider.