A coffee cup price guide to Europe

Thursday, 24 November 2011 3:18 PM

Want to soak up the café culture in some of Europe’s most iconic cities but aren’t sure how much it will cost? Check out Travelbite.co.uk’s handy infographic which does that for you, comparing the price of a cup of coffee in various European cities. A great way to budget for your next city break, the bigger the cup – the more you get for your money (in relation to an averagely priced cup of coffee in the UK).The smaller the coffee cup, the likelihood is that other items such as the price of a beer or a hotel room will be expensive too.

Holiday Costs infographic

To embed this on to your own website or blog copy and paste this code!: <a href="http://www.travelbite.co.uk/holiday-ideas/"><img alt="Holiday Costs infographic" src="http://p1.travelbite.co.uk/embedphoto/14041311.jpg?photoAction=scale&scale=823x*" /></a>